for busy people and pampered hens

Why We are so smart

1. Hand Crafted in California Using Quality USA Home Building Materials

All our backyard chicken coops for sale are built by a handy empty nester mom in California with the same materials used to build homes, so the coop will last for years! They are designed for a backyard, not the back pasture– very cute and tidy

2. Especially Easy to Keep Clean and Cuts Chores!

Our coop allows poop to fall to ground level, where our proprietary design dries it out. Most other coops are built so the poop must land on a raised and solid surface, so it stays wet (and therefore smelly). And you only need a rake to clean it– no gloves, brushes or clothes pins for your nose. In addition, our special in-coop waterer and feeder allow weekly refilling, not daily refilling. So, take that vacation without worrying about your hens.

3. Easily Access Hens and Eggs.

Both sides of the roof prop open, as do both cleanout screens. This means you don’t ever run the risk of stepping into a big blob of fresh poop.

4. Flexible Design Gives Choices Now and Later

Our Expansion Pack can be added to The Smart Chicken Coop at any time, which adds room for 2-4 more hens. And our chicken run segments can be attached to either the side or the front of the coop– whichever fits your yard better. We even designed the hen door to accommodate an Auto Door opener!

5. Choose How Much DIY You Want and Save Money.

Our backyard chicken coops for sale are available in four models and several give you the choice to paint yourself. Same materials + more DIY = big savings!

6. Proven Predator-Proof!

The hens have helped us thoroughly test and refine our coops. Even the neighborhood predators contributed by demonstrating that Smart Chicken Coops keep out coyotes, opossums, raccoons, skunks and other suburban nightlife.



Accessories ship free when ordered with any coop.


proven predator proof

Raccoons, opossum, rat and dog and coyote tested!

Made in usa

We use the same US materials contractors use to build homes.

Wood products are from Oregon. Steel is corrugated and galvanized here in
Southern California!

4 Smart Options for Coops

More DIY = Bigger Savings

unpainted coop 

Paint whatever you’ve dreamed of. Match your house; use your favorite ball team or school color. Ensure kid ownership by letting them pick the colors! 

DIY coop kit 

This is our most popular package. It is the least expensive (because YOU do the building and painting) and gives you the most flexibility to customize your coop.

All the wood products and screening are made in the USA, exactly the same as our ready-made coop, so you get US quality at a cheap price!

Coop expansion 

 We offer this coop for six hens or five ducks. Either purchase it when you order your coop or, should you wish to expand later, just order the expansion pack.

duck houses

Ducks are amazingly messy. So having an easy clean duck house is particularly important. That’s why our duck houses and runs are such a great find. The easy clean aspect of our unique designs are an easy way to rake out their area– a huge time saver.

We also sell a kit version that you can use to make a duck house.