About The Smart Chicken Coop

Because we have made many design innovations, our coops are different than regular coops. Not only is our coop predator proof, but also it is specifically made for urban backyards. Here are some of the differences and how they work.

We don’t have a traditional, solid floor.

Our innovative design prevents smelly buildup and keeps the birds comfortable by allowing the manure to fall to the ground, away from the roosting chickens.

We make our coops safe by putting 12 inch pavers (about $1 each at home improvement centers) under the coop’s walls. Research and experience show that 12 inches is wide enough to prevent digging. Pavers also extend the life of the coop because the wood sits on the pavers instead of directly on the ground.  If you’d prefer  a wire floor, you can purchase that here.

Our coops have plenty of ventilation.

As long as chickens’ feathers don’t get ruffled by breezy drafts, they can keep themselves warm by puffing out their feathers. In short, coldness doesn’t affect hens. But, should it be cold AND moist in the coop, hens may get frostbite. Moistness gathers from their droppings and some from their breathing. That is why it is important to have ventilation in the coop.

Our roosting poles are located in the solid part of our coops, so the hens are protected from breezes. In particularly cold areas, people sometimes put covers over the screens or purchase our Winter Covers.

Coop Has a Low Profile for Suburban Backyards

We live in a typical suburban backyard, with 6 foot walls separating us from our neighbors. Since we don’t have a farm, we wanted a short enough coop to stay below the wall height AND we didn’t want to walk into the coop and risk stepping in poop. So, we designed our coop roof with hinges. They easily lift for accessing the hens, feed, water and eggs. There are also two lower screen doors that hinge open to make cleaning The Smart Chicken Coop a breeze.

We offer three great suburban chicken coop options to transform your yard into a farmette! All are designed and manufactured with these same great benefits:

• hen-proven and super easy to clean–hinged cleanout screen doors make cleaning up as easy as raking up leaves
• coop door designed to accommodate an automatic coop door opener/closer (not included)
• hinged roof panels for complete interior access
• removable nesting box for easy cleaning
• roosting poles for happy chickens
• the coop is low profile so it doesn’t take up much room, and it looks great in your backyard

Other Smart chicken coop features:

•chicken door designed to accommodate an automatic coop door opener/closer (not included)
•removable nesting box enables easy cleaning and flexibility when accommodating chicks or Bantam hens
•Siding Material– 11/32 Cat Premium Siding
•Roof Material– Corrugated Galvanized Steel
•Frame Material– 2” Premium Douglas Fir
•Paint– Premium exterior semi gloss and Premium Primer/Sealer
•Hardware– Zinc Coated Metal
•Screening– 1/2″ hardware cloth


Height: 4 feet
Length: 4 feet
Width: 3 feet
Weight: 96 pounds
Capacity: 6 Hens

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