About The Smart Chicken Coop Folks

The Smart Chicken Coop has been several years in the making. It began when we tore up some back lawn to make room for raised vegetable gardens and fruit trees. When these projects proved fruitful, we removed more lawn and expanded our garden.

One December, we inherited three chickens from our daughter; thus, my Christmas present that year was a chicken coop. Much to my surprise, I loved the hens: their sounds, their antics, their soft feathers, and the joy from raising them… which, of course led to my wanting more chickens. So I needed another coop!

Since my husband is a mechanical engineer and my uncle is a woodworker guy, we put our heads together to design a coop that is super easy to clean and looks great in our yard. Continued improvements have become The Smart Chicken Coop — smart because the design cuts down on the chores AND because we’ve integrated smart options, such as an auto door opener/closer and great accessories.

My evolution has been a bit more indirect: college (age 18-22) –> research analyst–> grad school (age 27-29) –> concert flutist –> more grad school (age 42-43) –> management consultant –> given chickens as a gift –>The Smart Chicken Coop!

We hand-build the coops in our wood shop at our Southern California backyard farmette. This is perfect for us, because we can bounce between the garden, the chickens, building and the computer. This work setup– and a short afternoon nap– make for a great lifestyle!!!

Here are some photos from our farmette.

Check out our coops!