Best Chicken Run Designs

 Best Chicken Run Designs

Providing a place for your chickens to roam is important to maintaining their health. But, since most of us backyard hen keepers don’t live in the countryside and need the best chicken run designs to keep our girls safe from a variety of daytime dangers, such as dogs, coyotes, and cars. Here are a few options:


1.  Purchase a ready-made Smart Coop Shop Chicken Run.






A. Simple and flexible to put in your yard. Our chicken runs are made to attach together. This allows customers to choose the size that best suits their needs. Each run cube is 36″w x 43″l x 25″h, or about 12 square feet to roam around in (rule of thumb is 3-6 square feet per bird, minimum).

B. Safe from predators, both day and night, so you won’t have to worry about opening and closing your coop at night! The hens put themselves to sleep and wander out in the morning when they want!

C. Chicken Run design matches all Smart Coops.


A. Hens are enclosed so they cannot run to your door to greet you.

B. Costs money.


2. Make a simple chicken run with materials from a home improvement store.



A. Cost effective

B. Flexible- can fit it to your particular space

C. Keeps the hens in an enclosed area and safe from daytime predators



A. Time and effort to build

B. Can look a trifle unkempt

3. Allow your Chickens to free range.



A. Economical- no added infrastructure needed

B. Easy to interact with the chickens

C. Most fun for the chickens



A. If you have daytime predator issues, you risk losing your birds. In my neighborhood, my yard is completely fenced in, so dogs and coyotes are not a problem. Instead, I have lost a few birds to hawks.

B. If you have plants/vegetables that are not fenced in, you run the risk of the hens digging them up and eating them up.

C. Hens are fruitful poopers, so you will need to step carefully or hose down your yard surfaces regularly.


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