Today we have beautiful weather. The week-old chicks, who have been inside under a heat lamp, clamored to get out and explore, evidenced by them leaping around their crate. I let the girls into the chick yard, my fenced-off raised garden.

baby chicks


Out in the chick yard, the chicks weren’t playing; instead, they were chirping– the stress chirp, not the happy chirp. When I checked on them, they swarmed to the fence where I stood. Might they be fearful of the great outdoors and want to be by me, the only mother they’ve known?

As I stepped back indoors, a hawk swooped down sideways, talons out, to catch itself a chicken snack. Fortunately, the bird netting worked and the hawk retreated to a nearby tree, empty-taloned. Once it left the area, the chicks calmed down and enjoyed their field trip.