Frequently Asked Questions


How do the hens stay safe if you have no floor?

It is very important to line the perimeter of the coop with 12″ pavers. Research and experience show that 12 inches is wide enough to prevent digging because predators will give up before that. And, pavers scare off predators when they begin to sink from their digging.

Pavers also extend the life of the coop because the wood sits on concrete instead of directly on the ground.


I’d rather have an enclosed wire floor. Can I do that?

Sure. You can either make one yourself or purchase our wire floor in accessories.


How do the hens stay warm in your coop?

As long as chickens’ feathers don’t get ruffled by breezy drafts, they can keep themselves warm by puffing out their feathers. In short, coldness doesn’t affect hens. But, should it be cold AND moist in the coop, hens may get frostbite. Moistness gathers from their droppings and some from their breathing. That is why it is important to have ventilation in the coop.

Our roosting poles are located in the solid part of our coops, so the hens are protected from breezes. In particularly cold areas, people sometimes put covers over the screens or purchase our Winter Covers.


How do you access the eggs?

Both sides of the roof are hinged and easily lift up. You can either just reach in and grab them or prop the roof open with the included rod.


Why don’t you have window to let light into your coop?

The screens along the lower foot of the coop, as well as the roof vent, allow a lot of light into the coop, so there is no need for a window.


How many hens does the coop REALLY hold?

The coop is perfect for 2 to 4 hens regular sized hens. There is roosting pole space for 6 hens, but it will be crowded. Usually, that isn’t a problem because the hens are like puppies and sleep right next to each other. In the summer, though, they may sleep farther apart. Sometimes a few hens don’t get along. In that case, you’ll find them more than 12″ apart on the roosting pole, or on a different pole. The Smart Coop has 74″ of roosting pole space and 12″ per hen is the rule of thumb. Thus, it holds up to 6 hens.