Did you know you can potty train chickens? I didn’t. But, it does make sense. During WWII, highly trained ravens to held little cameras in their beaks to aid in spying activities. This training is largely based on operant conditioning, sometimes called clicker training. It is the basis for training chickens.

Clicker Training Chicken Camp Video Clip

Here are the steps to potty-training your hens:

  1. Prepare a litter box or some such for your hen’s potty.
  2. Determine what your hen does right before she poops (ruffles her feathers, hunkers down, etc.) by watching her out in the yard.
  3. Bring her inside and have her hang out with you. Watch her like a hawk. When she exhibits signs of imminent pooping, run her over to her potty spot and hold her over it.
  4. As she drops her load, give her a signal, such as a clicker for dogs or some other sharp sound. It is important to signal immediately so that she associates that sound with pooping and then give your bird a super yummy treat, like worms.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you’ve got a very fun cocktail story.