The hatchery “warranty” states that they’ll refund money should we receive more than our fair share of roos (10%).
I’ve had great luck until recently. The beautiful white and black Easter Egger girl I kept decided to be a rooster, as evidenced by his long green tail feathers.

What’s more, my prized Marans chick (from a different source) who will lay spotted dark brown eggs, turned into a cockrel, as evidenced by his developed comb and whattles at this tender young age. (Plus, he smells.)


Marans Cockrel


On a positive note, the last of the 31 unexpected chicks we received in August, sold. So, we have just 3 hens, 3 pullets who should begin laying in February, and 3 little chicks who won’t lay until May or so. One of these chicks broke her toe.


Chick with Broken Toe


We splinted them using toothpicks.


Chick with Splinted Toes


It isn’t as hard as it sounds because the little one fell asleep during our outpatient clinic.


Sleeping Chick


And though we have 3 hens, we’ve had to purchase eggs for the last several weeks. With the short, cold days and the girls going through their annual molt, we have an empty nest. Should we choose to artificially lengthen the days by placing a strong light in the coop, we can get back to enjoying our farmette-fresh eggs.


Molting Pilar the Easter Egger