Smart Coop Flexible Run Setups

The Smart Chicken Run is sold in segments to accommodate any shape you need and either attach on their long side or short side. Each segment is 43″ long, 36″ wide, 25″ high and has the same footprint as The Smart Chicken Coop. Some examples are:

2 Side Runs, 1 Front Run

2 Side Runs

1 Front Run Attached to 1 Side Run

If you purchase a 6 Hen Coop or add an expansion kit to our Smart Chicken Coop, then you may NOT mount a run to the coop’s side because then you cannot clean the coop. This is because the expansion blocks on or our propriatary cleanout screens, and the run would block the other.

Still, there are several similar designs, where the side run attaches to a front run, not the coop:

               1 Front Run with 2 Side Runs

2 Front Runs with 2 Side Runs