DIY Chicken Coop Kit

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Our DIY Chicken Coop Kit for 4 hens is our most popular package because it is such a great deal. Because YOU do the building and painting yourself, you save money!

Not only is it the least expensive, but it also gives people the most flexibility to customize the coop. All the wood products and screening are made in the USA, so this means high quality! All of the parts are exactly the same as our ready-made chicken coop.

“I thought you’d like to know that I—a regular mom with basic building skills—built the coop kit alone (kids helped hold the pieces sometimes). It took a couple of hours a day, for four days, from start to finish.”

“We assembled our own kit in the evenings over the course of a few days.  It was fun and had very manageable step-by-step instructions.  And we also enjoyed adding unique details and design elements.  Thanks for a great product!”


Watch 1 min. video of the assembly process.

Add DIY Extension for 2-3 Hens

Details in description below.

DIY Chicken Coop Kit

The DIY Chicken Coop Kit has a very easy to clean design. It helps busy people raise hens hassle-free.

Each coop kit is hand made in the USA with the same materials used in US homes and once you paint it, the Smart Chicken Coop will last for years and years.

In addition, the coop is designed for a backyard, not the back pasture. It has a low profile and is cute and tidy… your neighbors might not even know you have hens!

Best of all, The DIY Chicken Coop Kit is so well designed that it cuts cleaning chores to once every few weeks! And you only need a rake to clean it– no gloves, brushes or clothes pins for your nose.

Given that The DIY Chicken Coop KIT is made in the USA with quality materials and innovatively designed, you may be wondering how we can offer it at such a reasonable price. Because you purchase (12) 2” x 2”x 8’ furring strips (we include a cut list) and (1) plastic bin for a nesting box at your local home improvement store, you save money on shipping costs. After all, why pay to have easy-to-get wood shipped across the country?


Included in our DIY Smart Chicken Coop Kit


  • Front-primed, back unpainted USA made DuraTemp 3/8" exterior siding, cut to size (front, back, 2 sides and a door)
  • Zinc coated hardware & fastener kit (includes all you'll need to build our coop to specs)
  • USA Galvanized steel roof, specially engineered for safety
  • USA Galvanized steel roof cap, specially engineered for safety
  • USA Galvanized steel roof props, specially engineered for safety
  • USA 6 pre-cut 19 gauge 1/2" square galvanized steel screens (essential for predator proofing)
  • Custom Door Jams
  • Custom Roof Supports
  • Meticulous written directions
  • Step by step video with narration
  • 2x2 Wood cut list



Included in the DIY Coop Kit

Included in the DIY Coop Kit


Not Included in the DIY Smart Chicken Coop Kit

  • (12) 2" x 2" x 8' furring strips
  • (1) plastic bin for nesting box
  •  Runs, decor, feeders, etc.

You save money by getting the simple parts from your local home improvement store.



NOT included in the DIY Chicken Coop Kit


Tools You Will Need

  • Power drill and drill bits
  • Star bit screw driver
  • Staple gun
  • Saw (not necessary if you ask your lumber/home improvement center to cut the 2" x 2" boards to length)
  • Paint brush

Paint, trim, flowers, signs, 2x2 boards, and chalkboard faux windows are not included and can be purchased in our accessories shop.

Expect our DIY chicken coop kits to take a generally handy person about 6 hours
to build, plus paint time. Skilled people build the kit in about 2 hours.

Keep your hens safe. Protect your hens from backyard wildlife, such as skunks, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, and dogs with our do it yourself chicken coop. There are no gaps larger than 1/2" on our coops, including hardware mesh, the steel roof and plywood sides. The Smart Chicken Coop will not shrink with weather changes.

NOTE: It is essential that you close your coop each evening and that you line the perimeter of the coop either with 1 ft. sq. pavers or hardware cloth. This prevents predators from digging under the walls. We also sell a predator proof screen floor (see accessories below), should you wish to go that route.

All our coops are built in California with the same US materials that are typically used to build a home. So, your coop will last for years! We use an Oregon-made ply product called DuraTemp. All wood products must be primed and painted to insure longevity and do not take wood stain well. The galvanized corrugated steel roof materials are made in Southern California on a Vietnam-era corrugating machine to our unique specifications.


Coop Expansion for 2-3 More Hens


Inside of the Coop Expansion (nests not included in kit)


Lisa's Lean To

DIY Coop plus Coop Expansion for 6 Hens

With the coop expansion, you get 4 more feet of roosting pole space and a lean to where 3 nests rest, which means you can get more chickens!

19" wide (a total of 55" wide when added to coop)
43" long (same as coop length)
23" to 18" tall (roof slants)

The Smart Chicken Coop Addition props open for easy access and cleaning.


Prefer to have a ready-made chicken coop? Check out The Smart Chicken Coop here.

Dimensions and Shipping

Smart Chicken Coop Kit Dimensions (When Assembled)

36″ wide x 43″ long x 45″ high. There is a 2″ roof overhang past these dimensions.

Smart Chicken Coop Kit for 6 Hens (When Assembled)

55″ wide x 43″ long x 45″ high. There is a 2″ roof overhang past these dimensions.


The Smart Chicken Coop Kit may ship in multiple boxes depending on the accessories you order. No piece weighs more than 10 lbs, so if you need to, just open your delivered box and move the pieces to your preferred location and then assemble.

Box 1: 48x30x5″     Approximately 50 pounds

We ship FedEx Ground. Depending on your distance from California, expect your package to take 3-9 days for shipping (COVID has made shipping times longer).