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Ducks are amazingly cute, are wonderful at foraging for bugs,  and can be prolific egg layers.

BUT, or rather… AND….

Ducks are amazingly messy. So having an easy clean duck house is particularly important. That’s why our duck houses and runs are such a great find. The easy clean aspect of our unique designs are an easy way to rake out their area– a huge time saver.

Accessories and runs ship free when ordered with any Duck House and are purchased separately.

You can save big bucks if you purchase the DIY Smart Coop Kit. It is listed as a chicken coop, but to build for ducks, just leave out roosting poles and nests.

Duck Coops and Houses for Sale

A Clean Duck House is a Smart Duck House

Let's face it; ducks are messy. But, with the proper setup, duck keeping is easy-- and so worth it because they are SO cute and friendly-- and many breeds are prolific egg layers. Our ducks love their Smart Coop Duck House. We duck keepers love it because it is so easy to maintain and clean. Here's why:

First, Our Duck Houses sit on the ground, so no need for ramps, railings or special poop flooring.

Ducks do not roost, so having a predator proof floor with pine shavings or sand on that, one of our special design features, is perfect for ducks. (You can also set the perimeter of The Smart Duck House on 12" pavers to protect against digging predators. The pavers also preserve the wood!)

For those of you with cold winters, an option is to place the house on a solid-topped pallet (often found behind grocery stores). We are working on a new product for those who want a solid floor, so if you are interested, shoot us an email for more details.

We also provide Plenty of Ventilation for Healthy Ducks.

When ducks breathe, they emit moisture. This, combined with their "ducks to water" personality, means that our ventilation designs provides plenty of airflow. This dramatically reduces the chance of mold growing in a wet environment.

Our Duck Houses are Made in the USA with Premium Materials.

All our duck houses and coops for sale are built in California with the same US materials that are typically used to build a home. So, your duck house will last for years! We use an Oregon-made exterior grade T1-11 ply and USA made laminated veneer lumber. All wood products must be primed and painted to insure longevity and do not take wood stain well. The galvanized corrugated steel roof materials are made in Southern California on a Vietnam-era corrugating machine to our unique specifications.

They are designed for a backyard, not the farm so they are tidy, and cute.

You can save big bucks if you purchase the DIY Smart Coop Kit. It is listed as a chicken coop, but to build for ducks, just leave out roosting poles and nests.

Let's Talk Ponds and Runs.

Though ducks don't need access to a pond at all times (but they will be much happier), they DO need a water source that is deep enough for them to dunk their beaks into. Otherwise, their breathing holes get clogged and they risk respiratory issues. We recommend providing a two gallon bucket for them. You can get these at Home Depot in the paint section. Expect to hose it out and refill it daily.

An inexpensive way to provide a pond is to purchase a plastic kiddy pool. We get two and nest them together for strength). These are seasonably available at Target. You can also use feed/water troughs from equine supply stores. Of course, these won't fit in a traditional run. You'd need to fence off and then cover with a net an area for the ducks to use during the day. We have a great article on creating a good looking run here.

If you need to have your ducks in a predator proof run, then take a look at our runs. The Duck House can have as many of our predator proof runs attached as you want and in a variety of shapes to fit your needs. Plan your runs here. Note in several run images, we have a 12 gallon water source at the far end of the duck run. By putting sand in the run, you will cut down on mud issues.

Check out this cute video of the ducks putting themselves to be in their Smart Duck House!

Dimensions and Shipping

Duck House Dimensions:

36″ wide x 43″ long x 45″ high. There is a 2″ roof overhang past these dimensions.


The Duck House ships in 2 boxes. It is built out into panels here at our shop. No panel weighs more than 20 lbs, so if you need to, just open your delivered box and move the panels to your preferred location and then assemble.

Box 1: 42x36x6″     Approximately 50 pounds
Box 2: 48x25x4      Approximately 50 pounds

We ship UPS Ground. Depending on your distance from California, expect your package to take 2-5 business days for shipping.


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