The Smart Poultry Gravity Feeder

$55.00 $50.00

The Smart Poultry Gravity  Feeder is custom made to fit in The Smart Chicken Coop or The Smart Hen House. It stores the feed vertically so that it takes little room inside your coop or your run.

We use triple-walled 4″ pipe, which is unaffected by extended exposure to the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation. It is also immune to freezing and thawing conditions and does not react with poultry or other food like galvanized metal does.

The Smart Feeder holds 12 pounds of feed, which provides 4 laying hens with food for up to 1.5 weeks!

Included with each feeder is an extension that allows you to lengthen the access hole, which further decreases spillage by your messy birds.

We also include two rodent-tight lids. Use one to cover the top of the feeder reservoir and the other over the feed access point to keep out rodents and other animals you don’t want to be feeding.

Mounting your feeder inside your coop takes less than five minutes and requires no tools (interior mounting supplies included).

Ships free when purchased with a Smart Chicken Coop or Smart Duck House


Dimensions and Shipping


The Gravity Feeder  is 36″ tall and 10″ wide at its widest. We can cut the pipe to fit your needs.