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The Smart Chicken Coop is the best chicken coop for sale for people who want a high quality, easy clean coop that actually enhances the look of your backyard. Our coops are custom made in the USA, are predator proof and have a very flexible design to accommodate your needs. (All coops come unpainted.)

Now or later, add an extension that holds 2-3 more hens, get Winter Covers if you have blustery weather and add predator-proof runs in flexible formations. We also sell custom chicken coop accessories that make hen keeping HASSLE FREE!

We have the best chicken coops for sale!

We give you many creative options and great flexibility to choose what is best for you.

Thus, you have control of your coop's look and how much money you want to spend on accessories and runs.

All our coops are built in California with the same US materials that are typically used to build a home. So, your coop will last for years! We use Oregon-made T1-11 Exterior Grade ply and USA made laminated veneer lumber. (We switched to this special, more expensive product because the 2x2s remain straight and have no knots.) The galvanized corrugated steel roof materials are made in Southern California on a Vietnam-era corrugating machine to our unique specifications. They are designed for a backyard, not the farm so they are tidy, and cute.

Wood products must be primed and painted to ensure longevity and the ply may not take wood stain well. We recommend getting 1 gallon exterior primer, 1 gallon exterior top-coat for the trim and interior, and 1 quart of exterior top-coat for the siding. Plan to spend 2 hours painting and 1 hour assembling.

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10 reviews for The Smart Chicken Coop

  1. Michele (verified owner)

    Thank you 🙂 The chickens love it. They had stopped laying because of a snake in our old coop that couldn’t be secured. Now we have happy chickens and lots of eggs! Thank you!

  2. Cameron (verified owner)

    Very Happy with coop. As easy as advertised to clean.

  3. Mara (verified owner)

    Really love the design of your coop, especially that it’s made in the US (seems so much better quality!). and it looks great, too! Our boys are so excited! Thanks

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    We just got our Red Barn coop set up. We love it. The kids spend all kinds of time in the yard with the chickens and help keep their cute barnyard clean. One roof part came bent. It looked like the box had been dropped from 5 feet up. They sent a replacement right away.

  5. Jeunique (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted your coop for 2 years. Today is my birthday and I gifted your coop to myself!

  6. Emily (verified owner)

    I have waited a long time to get chickens and finally talked my husband into it because this coop seemed so much easier to clean than other coops. Plus, I read about the US made coops being much better quality than what we found at the feed store. My husband kind of freaked out when he saw all the boxes on our front porch. But now that it is put together and in our yard, even HE loves it. We bought the solar lantern, too, and it stays lit way past our bedtime. Great quality coop!

  7. Ashlee (verified owner)

    Your instructions were great. I have already gotten a ton of compliments on the coop.

  8. Ellen (verified owner)

    The chickens are a blast and the coop is DREAMY! My friend is jealous because my smart coop is so much easier to work with than hers is!

  9. Diedre (verified owner)

    The Smart Chicken Coop is elegant in its simple design. The instructions are thorough, yet not over-engineered (as a female engineer among men, I certainly appreciate this.) I also purchased 2 runs, one mounted to the side of the coop and the other off the front. I appreciate not having to worry about the hens’ safety.

  10. Jordon (verified owner)

    The chickens are so happy in their coop. We are very happy and hopeful for eggs maybe next month. Thank you for all your help.

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