Smart Chicken Run

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Our chicken run segments allow you to design a chicken run to suit your needs. Simply choose how much run space you want for your hens. Each segment is 36″ x 43″, so about 12 square feet, so if you order two segments, your hens will have a 3 ft. by 7ft. area to roam in safely.

The runs mount either to the long side of the coop (side with windows) or to the coop front (has little chicken door) and ship free when ordered with any of our coops. Determine your run needs with our Run Planner.

We also offer an optional run door.

Runs lined with decorative pickets have been discontinued and all runs come unpainted.




Run Door

Add an optional run door to your order. Only mounts to the 36″ side of a run.

Chicken Run Design

The great benefit of purchasing The Smart Chicken Run is that it is predator proof. This means you can leave the coop door open night and day without worrying about your hens.

Hens put themselves to bed when it gets dark. They literally go home to roost. So, you won't have to get up early to let your girls out in the morning or be home to lock the coop up at night!!!!*

Another great benefit of The Smart Chicken Run is that it is made of modular segments. This means that you can buy as many or as few as suit your needs AND attach the segments to the side of the coop, the front of the coop, or BOTH! Plan what layout you want for your yard here.

Given the demand for Smart Chicken Coops and Runs, we no longer offer painted runs or  picket fence variation.


Want to add a hinged door to your run? It is not necessary for the hens or for cleaning; some people want it so their kids can sit in the run. The run door is only available on the run's 36" side and costs $35. You can order your run door HERE.


Chicken Run

Door for Chicken Run

That said, it may make sense for you to make your own run or to free range your girls. Check out our page on Best Chicken Run Designs to see what makes the most sense for you.

 * Be sure to line the run perimeter with 12" pavers or hardware mesh or purchase our predator proof floor to prevent predators from digging under the run sides.

Dimensions and Shipping

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 4 in
Run Mounting Location

Front, Side

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  1. Rudy (verified owner)

    We got 3 run cubes. They seemed short but in fact they are perfectly fine for the hens and take up less “eye space” than the big walk in runs.

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