The Smart Coop for 6 Chickens

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The Smart Coop for 6 Chickens has all of the smart, time saving benefits of The Smart Chicken Coop. In addition, it has 3 nesting boxes and 8 feet of roosting space. We also include directions for a space saving feeder!

57″ wide
43″ long
48″ tall at its apex

If you are not sure you are ready for 6 chickens, then start with our original Smart Chicken  Coop. It can be expanded to hold more chickens at any time. We’re flexible so you can be!

We are not currently selling our Ready Made coops. You can purchase a kit version here and save a lot of bucks!

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The 6 Chicken Coop gives you many creative options and great flexibility.

We have 3 varieties of The Smart Coop for 6 Chickens, so you have complete control of your coop's look (and save money), or go with our ready-made coops available in two colors:

-- Primed/Unpainted combo: Saves money and gives you complete creative control. The exterior is factory primed. The interior and all lumber pieces are unpainted. You will need to buy 1 gallon primer, 1 gallon top-coat for the trim and interior, and 1 quart of top-coat for the siding. Plan to spend 2 hours painting and 1 hour assembling.

--Primed/painted combo: The coop's interior and legs are primed and painted in a white exterior semi-gloss. The siding has primed (ready-to-paint). You buy 1 quart of paint your custom siding color (add $125 to base price).

--Fully painted: Choose from the exterior semi-gloss colors: Barn Red or Sage Green. Faux windows and trim are included. The interior and legs are primed and painted in exterior white semi-gloss. We also include touch-up paint and a brush for any dings or dents down the line (add $150 to the base price).

All our coops are built in California with the same US materials that are typically used to build a home. So, your coop will last for years! We use an Oregon-made ply product called DuraTemp and USA made laminated veneer lumber. All wood products must be primed and painted to insure longevity and do take wood stain well. The galvanized corrugated steel roof materials are made in Southern California on a Vietnam-era corrugating machine to our unique specifications.

If you want to save LOTS of money, check out The Smart DIY Chicken Coop KIT. More >

Dimensions and Shipping

6 Hen Chicken Coop Dimensions:

55″ wide x 43″ long x 45″ high. There is a 2″ roof overhang past these dimensions.


The 6 Hen Coop ships in 3 boxes. It is built out into panels here at our shop. No panel weighs more than 20 lbs, so if you need to, just open your delivered box and move the panels to your preferred location and then assemble. If you ordered runs and accessories, you will receive additional packages. Depending on your particular order, configuration, we sometimes we ship the nesting boxes directly from Amazon.

Box 1: 42x36x6″     Approximately 50 pounds
Box 2: 48x25x4      Approximately 50 pounds
Box 3: 48x24x3      Approximately 40 pounds

We ship FedEx Ground. Depending on your distance from California, expect your package to take 3-9 days for shipping (COVID has made shipping times longer).